• Diversity Action Committee

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Deacon’s core values have remained the same since the beginning of our company in 1981: treat every relationship with honesty & fairness, teamwork, open communication, and cooperation. Deacon’s DEI Committee will follow these same core values and will support Deacon Construction in its effort to be a more diverse and culturally responsive company.

“It’s not the violence of the few that scares me. It’s the silence of the many.” 


“The racial injustice in our country has prompted me to take a stand and no longer sit on the sidelines, but rather be a positive, proactive participant in helping provide better opportunity for those who have been at a disadvantage due to their race or ethnic background.” 


DEI Program Overview

As individuals, we always have the opportunity to make our own decisions when we encounter injustice. As a company, we have always had a strong commitment to fairness, and that won’t change. What is changing is that we will now reach out and proactively provide access to some of the benefits that might come from working with our company.

Please contact us if you have opportunities that align with our DEI committee initiatives.

Deacon is also committed to providing opportunities to BIPOC and minority-owned subcontractors. Find out more about our outreach to subcontractors here.