• Our Heritage

Steve Deacon and three friends - the owners of J.R. Roberts Corp. - founded S.D. Deacon Corp. in Portland in 1981. Bob Hall, Bob Olsen and Jim Reilly had formed J.R. Roberts in Sacramento in 1979 and then partnered with Steve to start the company with Steve as the managing shareholder.

The company’s first office space was an eight by ten-foot room in a small office building in southwest Portland, borrowed from some friends. Steve and his wife were the company, with support from J.R. Roberts.

Almost immediately, we developed a knack for and an interest in retail projects. Today we handle most types of commercial and multifamily work, but retail still accounts for about half our volume. We currently rank as the largest retail contractor on the West Coast and the fifth largest in the nation.

  • 1981

    First office

    The beginning of S.D. Deacon on July 9, started by Steve Deacon and J.R. Roberts Corp. in Portland, OR. Pictured are Steve and Donna Deacon.

  • 1981

    First Job and Trailer

    Our first successful bid for Columbia Distributing and the first job trailer.

  • 1982

    Hired first employee

    We hired our first full-time office employee and first Project Manager, Richard Smith. Now President and CFO.

  • 1983

    First computer

    Purchased our first computer. An IBM AT with a 10MB hard drive.  Also bought our first fax machine.

  • 1984

    Second location

    Opened our first California office, in Sacramento. Hired Paul Cunha, now Vice President, to run the office.

  • 1986

    Financial Milestone

    First year with revenues in excess of $10M.

  • 1990

    Washington Office

    We opened the office in Seattle, Washington.

  • 1991

    Special Projects

    We started the company's Special Project Division. The first hire was Bill Townsend, now Risk Manager.

  • 2001

    Opened New Location

    Opened an office in Southern California, which is now located in Irvine.

  • 2004

    New Division 

    Started the Repair and Restoration divsion to focus on specialized work.

  • 2006

    Deacon Charitable Foundation

    Created an official foundation to expand our long-held belief in 'supporting our communities'.

  • 2006

    Deacon Development

    This group was formed to pursue real estate development and investments. They are currently managed by Pete Snook.

  • 2015

    New Brand

    Completely rebranded all divisions and groups under one new logo and brand. Now known as Deacon Construction, LLC.

  • 2021

    New CEO

    Andrew Naegeli announced as CEO successor to Steve Deacon, the company's original CEO and founder.