January 4, 2024

Deacon Construction Welcomes New Board Managers

We are pleased to announce that our Board of Managers is enhancing its ranks with three new talented and experienced members! This Summer, Deacon Construction, LLC was pleased to welcome Christine Schlicker, Jenny Warnick, and Andrew Saxton to the Board. Marking a new day for our organization, these individuals are bringing diverse industry perspectives to the Deacon family by employing their past experiences in varying fields.

Working alongside the new Board Managers, The Deacon Executive Team of Andrew Naegeli, CEO; Lisa Terlson, CFO; Anita Jain, Executive VP; John Clouse, Executive VP; Brandon Nelson, VP; and Drew Sense, VP will continue their leadership in the business by driving growth and opportunity across the company.

"As the company has moved into its second generation of leadership, we saw value in having a greater separation between the board and the daily company leadership. I'm excited about the new ideas and fresh perspectives they will bring." - Andrew Naegeli, CEO

Christine Schlicker comes from a background in construction and is currently employed at Intel as People Operations Program Manager for the Fab Construction Enterprise. Her familiarity with our beloved industry in combination with her leadership skills have proven her a major asset from the get-go.

In addition to joining our Board, Jenny Warnick is also situated at the helm of Wellsource, Inc. as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Ms. Warnick has served as a business executive and attorney for companies in the manufacturing, technology, and energy sectors. Her foresight and ability to identify promising opportunities are skills we are excited for her to employ.

As with Ms. Schlicker and Ms. Warnick, Andrew Saxton holds an exterior leadership role as the Chief Revenue Officer for Galois, Inc. Mr. Saxton specializes in strategy surrounding new markets, partnerships and acquisitions, organizational strategy, and entrepreneurial opportunities. A team player with a strong track record spanning 20 years in high tech, Mr. Saxton is set to help keep Deacon on the cutting edge of the technological world.

Deacon Construction has a proud history of employing and working alongside some of the best and brightest in the construction industry. That being said, we are also exceptionally excited to bring aboard these new Board Managers and their expertise in the varied industries in which they have excelled. With new ideas and refreshed vitality, Deacon is anticipating innovative advances in all aspects of its business—while still maintaining the same quality of work that we have been so fortunate to provide to the communities we serve.

Check out our growing Board of Managers members on our Board page here, and be sure stay up to date with all things Deacon by keeping up with our blog!