April 4, 2023

Housing Development Consortium 35th Anniversary Celebration

Deacon was honored to sponsor and attend this year's Housing Development Consortium (HDC) of Seattle-King County's Annual Luncheon. We want to congratulate HDC on celebrating their 35th anniversary and thank them for inviting Anita Jain, our Executive VP & General Manager, to share a keynote address. She did a fantastic job as a keynote speaker and provided some insightful remarks on her vision for the future of the affordable housing sector. We also heard from other leaders in the sector, including the Mayor of Seattle, Bruce Harrell. During his speech, he announced $970 million to fund critical investments toward 3,000 new affordable housing units, workforce stabilization, and other tools to address housing and homelessness crises.

HDC is the leading affordable housing association in the state of Washington and has been active in the Seattle-King County area for over 30 years. They strongly feel the importance of large-scale social change and how that can address regional challenges that our community faces every day. Developing the future of our affordable housing will require community cooperation and partnership. 

“On behalf of the Housing Development Consortium, I would like to thank you for your excellent speech delivery as our keynote speaker for our 35th Anniversary & 15th Annual Celebration. Your words of inspiration, power, and the energy you brought with them served to fuel and propel our critical work. Your deep passion and commitment to our shared priority were evident. Inspiring our sector in the spirit of collaboration enables us to better serve and collaborate with our members, continue centering the sector’s work on equity, remain agile in advancing pro-housing policy, and advocate for more affordable homes for low-income families and individuals in thriving communities. Many of the 850+ plus attendees have conveyed that they really enjoyed your speech, learning more about your journey, and your vision for the sector.” - Patience Malaba | Executive Director of HDC