September 27, 2023

Sugar Pine Village: Piece by Piece

A collage of six in-progress images showing the construction of Sugar Pine Village's modular units.

Marking a new foray into modular building construction, our recent work on Sugar Pine Village, a new residential, mixed-use affordable community stirs up the status quo. Located in South Lake Tahoe, California, Sugar Pine Village is shaping up to be one of our most unique projects. 

Phase 1A began construction in early May and is comprised of two 3-story buildings and one 3-story building, 68 units, 116 parking spaces, and 80,341 sf of construction. The project is designed to provide residents with new high-quality, sustainable housing to support active transportation, encourage biking, walking, transit accessibility, and connection with nearby trails for the local workforce and their families.

Artist's rendering of Sugar Pine Village following project completion. 

While the modern variety of modular housing is a relatively new construction methodology, the benefits of the process are numerous. The individual units are constructed off-site in quality-controlled environments and carefully transferred to the job site. This process allows for tighter construction schedules, minimized waste, lessened exposure to the elements, and more – resulting in lower costs and expedited occupancy availability. The numbered units were stored at Heavenly Valley before being transported to their destination at the project site in South Lake Tahoe. 

The scope of work for this project encompasses many intricacies such as hardware installation, piping and water systems, tiling and carpeting, electrical work, paving improvements, and much more throughout both phases’ five buildings and over 120 residential units. Having the support of such a talented team of professionals has been, and will continue to be, vital to the project. 

Sugar Pine Village is a joint venture between Related California and South Lake Tahoe-based Saint Joseph Community Land Trust, a 501c3 non-profit community land trust. 


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