January 29, 2024

Revitalizing River's Edge Hotel

The Deacon team is delighted to announce the successful completion of our $8.5 million hospitality renovation project which sees the combination of new construction as well as extensive renovations to enhance guest comfort and experience. Read on for a brief breakdown of our General Construction team's work on the revamped River's Edge Hotel in Portland, OR.

Room Expansion

In a transformative move, 16 brand-new guestrooms were added to complement the renovation of 96 existing rooms. This expansion ensures an even more luxurious and comfortable stay for a greater number of guests.

Common Area Upgrades

Through careful demolition and meticulous rehabilitation, the building's previous amenity area, lobby, fitness room, and corridors have been given new life. This rejuvenation provides each visitor a more welcoming and modernized atmosphere. 

State-of-the-Art Fitness Center

Serving to further enhance guests' lodging experiences, the establishment's new and improved fitness center provides a top-notch, wellness-focused environment for active guests to enjoy. 

Modernized Heart of the Hotel

The heart of the hotel, comprising the lobby, lounge, and reception area, has been stunningly redesigned. With the notable introductions of both The Mill Cafe & Lounge and the 503 Market--a new cafe/bar and a marketplace, respectively--guests will find a new haven for indulgence and relaxation.

Exterior Enhancement & Roof Renovation

Beyond the interior additions, extensive exterior work has also been completed. A comprehensive repainting and beautification process, including the construction of a new 3rd floor roof and installation of cutting-edge rooftop HVAC equipment, has further enhanced the hotel's outward appeal.

Phased Construction

This project was executed in phases with a minimum of two guestroom floors kept available throughout the project's duration. As an important facet of the construction timeline, allowing consistent building occupancy in recognition of guest comfort and accessibility was a must.

River’s Edge Hotel grand opening was last month and is now ready for guests. The hotel is located at 455 S Hamilton Ct, Portland, OR 97239.

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